Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable development is the core belief of KCI. It is a passion that goes beyond merely adhering to statutory requirements. The policies of KCI have consistently emphasised socially useful investment. These have evolved on the dictates of the heart rather than the mind. Much before the term 'corporate social responsibility' was coined, KCI has reaped rich dividends from protecting the environment and promoting community development programmes. 

Upgradation of environmental protection measures is an ongoing process that has not only helped the Company to pursue its environment friendly approach, but has also ensured sustained profitability of the Company. Its unique approach to make sustainable development a commercially viable process through conservation and recycling has ensured efficient manufacturing operations for the Company.

Composition of Corporate Social Responsibility Committee


Position in Committee

Category of Director

Smt. Madhuvanti Kanoria


Non Executive- Non-Independent 

Shri R. V. Kanoria


Chairman & Managing Director 

Shri H. K. Khaitan


Non Executive- Independent


CSR Project/Programme - 2021-22

The Board of Directors the Company has approved the Project “Intervention to secure Children’s education in post Covid scenario” (“Project”) under its CSR initiatives for the year 2021-22. The Company has engaged M. Venkatarangaiya Foundation (MCA CSR Regn No. CSR00011382) as the agency for implementing the aforesaid project.

The project aims to prepare government schools to implement Right to Education (RTE) and Empowering Adolescent children in 3 Gram Panchayats (GP), namely, Kannur GP, Parvada GP and Bharanikam GP. 

This project involves working with 8 government schools and 9 Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Centres. The lockdowns and closure of institutions have left children and their education in disarray. The project aims to engage the communities, people’s representatives and the government agencies in the field to secure the educational rights of the children back on track. The programme would also identify and access the Children with Special Needs (CWSN) and register them with the “Government Facility for CWSN Children” at Parvada headquarters

KCI CSR Policy